Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Audio Engineering vs. Music Production

We often find students enquiring about "Audio Engineering" when in reality they mean "Music or Audio Production" and vise versa. So, what really is the difference between the two?

While many music producers are also good sound engineers, sound engineers don't necessarily make good music producers. The main difference between the two is that is that while both professionals have a deep understanding of the technical aspects of music production, music producers also have a hefty dose of artistic and creative vision to make a recording the best it can be.

Sound Engineer

A recording engineer or a sound engineer is a technical expert who operates the soundboard and other equipment during a recording session, under the supervision of the Music Producer. They also set up studio and recording equipment. An Sound engineer's main job is to use his/her technical skills to bring the producer's and artist's vision to fruition.

Music Producer

Just as in the film industry, Music producers are the behind-the-scenes makers of a song/track. The best and most revered music producers have a heavy hand in every aspect of a record’s production, from selecting which songs should go on a record, to working with the studio to achieve a particular sound. In fact, most Music producers have extensive knowledge of how the studio’s audio recording equipment works, and use that knowledge to help the artist achieve the exact sound they want for their record.

Modern Producers and Engineers

Just because these two job descriptions are different, doesn’t mean the role can’t be occupied by the same person. As modern recording has become more simplified, these jobs are accessible to more people. Home studios, small-scale studios, and those who like to have as much creative influence on a record as possible have the option to reach across these positions to both produce and engineer a piece of music.

Becoming a Producer or Engineer

To succeed as a Music producer or an Audio engineer takes determination, skill and a sense of musicality to help customers and artists achieve the best results. Becoming a studio engineer requires specialised training and may require a college degree. Certifications in equipment and software are also as important.

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