Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Before you Play

  • Before you learn to play a keyboard, having a good instrument at your finger tips is very important. 
  • Knowing your instrument is important. Spend time to understand the buttons on the keyboard - metronome, various instrument sounds, beats etc:
  • Height of the keyboard for playing, has to be at your navel position, not higher or lower.
  • Know your song better by, listening to it several times (before playing) so that you can perform it flawlessly.
  • Always keep a paper and pen/pencil ready because you may need to make notes.

Starting to Play

  • Always practice with a metronome or the beat machine for better playing stability.
  • Always keep your tones and rhythms ready in your keyboard memory so that you can access them quickly it can be your performance or your exam.
  • Do some exercises to warm up your fingers before you play the keyboard otherwise your fingers may be stiff and playing could be difficult.
  • First, read and play the piece. Slowly at first and as you get familiar with the piece, you can gradually increase to the desired tempo.
  • Finally, try to memorize the piece and play for better and smoother performance.

Additional Tips

  • Always practice on the same instrument in order to get accustomed to it.
  • Try to use the same instrument for all your performance as well.
  • If you are playing in a band or with a bass guitar, try to avoid left hand ✋ as much as possible for a neat sounding band or a practice session or a recital.

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