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Singing Tips for Beginners

Singing tips for beginners

If you are new to singing then it is important that you get some good advice so you know what areas to focus on first. Here are some singing tips for beginners to give you a great start….

Vocal warm ups

Before you begin your singing it will be very helpful for you to do a vocal warm-up. This will allow you to sing with more freedom and will help you to sing for longer without fatigue. Just as a professional athlete will do some stretches before starting their training, it is important to warm-up your vocal chords by doing certain exercises such as lip trills so that when it’s time to sing you are in top condition.

Find you singing range

When you start singing you will want to know what your singing range is. This is simply the highest and lowest notes you can sing. Knowing what your range is will help you to find songs that suit your voice. The bbc have a great resource to help you with that here.

Make recordings of yourself singing

What you hear when you are singing is not what other people here. This is because when you sing/or talk, your ear is stimulated by the internal vibrations from the bones in your neck and your head and this will lead your to think your voice is a bit deeper than it actually is. Most people who hear a recording of them talking or singing for the first time are a little shocked because their voice is a couple of notes higher than they thought it was. Listening to yourself sing is a good way to objectively judge your singing so you know what areas you need to improve.

Listen to singers you admire

Not only can you pick-up some great tips from watching some of your favorite singers such as how they present themselves on stage and some of the singing techniques they apply, but you can often get inspired by their music and it make you want to get out there and sing yourself.

Vary the volume as you sing

Singing a song all the way through at the same volume can sometimes be a little boring and robotic. If you emphasize certain words in a song it can help to bring more emotion to the song and make it more interesting to the audience.

Decide on face-to-face lessons or a singing program

The best way to accelerate your singing ability to get some tuition. A singing coach will be able to teach you how to perform the different singing exercises properly and lay-out a clear plan for you to follow so you make progress a lot quicker than if you are learning on your own. The best choice is to get a good private singing teacher as they can offer you immediate feedback and tailor make the lessons for your needs. It is not always cost effective and convenient to hire a coach so the next best choice would be one of the singing programs there are available to download onto your computer. Some of these are taught by world class singing coaches who have taught some of the top singing stars and feature a step-by-step plan to bring beginners up to advanced level singers. 


Perhaps the most important singing tip is the last on the list. The more you practice the quicker you will improve and you will find that the more you put in the more you get out. Making singing practice a habit is what is going to give you the voice you want in the long term! It is better to practice for 20 minutes every day rather than 2 hours once a week.

Credits: Singing Perfection

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