Monday, 6 March 2017

5 Healthy Habits for Healthy Vocal Cords

5 Healthy Habits for Healthy Vocal Cords

Do you ever wonder why stars get vocal problems? Why they lose their voices and end up having surgery? Does it happen to everyone eventually or can it be avoided? And doesn’t that just scare you? It should.

It’s not inevitable, but it’s highly probable that you will have vocal problems if you don’t learn how to use and care for your voice. Your voice is an instrument inside your body and how you treat it and your body greatly affects your voice.
Here are two articles that shed give some tips about taking care of your voice.

Article 1: ‘Healthy Diet for a Vocalist’ by Roma Lightsey,

Avoid using mouthwash that contains alcohol. If you need to gargle, use salt water. Don't cradle the phone between your head and shoulder, as this causes muscle tension in the neck. Dairy products should be avoided before a performance. Cheese, milk, yogurt, ice cream, and even some fruits such as bananas can cause excess mucus production.

Article 2: ‘Good Singing Foods Maintain Great Vocal Health!’ by Aaron Matthew

One of the major “Good Singing Foods” is actually a liquid, and it is WATER. Apart from hydrating the body, water also keeps our vocal cords moist, and this is very important for a healthy voice. This is because when we are singing, our vocal cords are vibrating at an extremely fast speed. If our vocal cords are dry, they will be more prone to irritation when vibrating, and this may cause some pain and discomfort when we sing.

Action Points

1.     Do not smoke. It raises the chance of throat cancer and can irritate the vocal chords.
2.     Avoid alcohol, dairy, oily foods and other foods that irritate your throat.
3.     Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
4.     Rest your voice if you are sick or feel strain in your vocal chords.
5.     Do regular vocal exercises and learn from a trained vocal instructor.

These are just a few tips to observe to maintain a strong and healthy singing voice. Your vocal chords are like any other muscle in your body and require training to get better and stronger. Regular vocal exercises will help making your vocal chords more flexible and stronger.

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