Tuesday, 25 September 2018

4 Reasons why having Multiple Teachers (for Music) is GREAT!

There has always been an open debate about whether there is some real benefit from the different ideas brought in by multiple teachers. We have found that having multiple teachers assigned to one instrument has multiple benefits. And learning from more than one teacher pushes you to get the best out of your instrument. Let us understand how you can benefit from the teachings of more than one teacher.

1.       Different Musical Influences
One of the biggest challenges learning from multiple teachers are the different influences they are exposed to. Suppose one teacher maybe more into Rock & Roll music whereas the other teacher maybe into jazz or blues and so on. But, then again you should be exposed to all the different styles of music when you are learning so that you can discover variety in music and then have numerous options to decide which one you love the best or if you want to experiment some fusion between those two styles in your later stage of playing your instrument. The best part of learning music is that there are variety of styles and genres, and without trying out a few different flavors, you won’t know which you love the best.

2.       Perspective, Approach & Ideas
Different teachers will have different approach to the lessons and varying perspective, however the goal of the lesson remains the same, that the student understands how to apply the lesson in his/her playing. These helps the student to approach their playing in variety of manners, and they follow what helps them the best in making progress. While, they may understand one topic better from the explanation of a concept from one teacher, they can re-apply that knowledge with the concept from another teacher and understand the actual use of that topic with regard to their instrument.

3.       Better Retention of Information
In learning an instrument from multiple teachers , there are lot of common topics that one will come across, even in different instruments. The repetition of the common information, be it in a different approach helps retaining that lesson in student’s learning. Lessons are usually taught and then never pondered upon for a long time after that lesson has served its purpose, and although students are familiar with the topic, they never get a clear grasp of the information taught. Coming from different teachers at different times will help the students revise and retain the important information of the lesson and guide them to a better progress.

4.       No Disruption of Class
Students will rarely face Class cancellation or disruption when one of their teachers are on leave as another qualified teacher will be available to take their class. Teachers share reports about students after every session and therefore students are well attended to, classes pick up right where they left off.

More information can never hurt your learning as long as the egos of teachers and favoritism of the student doesn’t exist. Everyone starts learning from someone, so why not learning from different individuals who bring different characteristics to their approach which will give you the platform to see Music in all the different perspective and lets you take the best of all worlds.

At BlueTimbre we have found this method to not only work but work well! Students are often excited and look forward to which teacher may be coming into class that day. While our class structure, techniques, methodology remains the same across all subjects, a different teacher’s personality or new perspective on the same topic inspires students. We would go as far as to say that you must have multiple teachers for a subject so that you get the complete experience. Multiple teachers give you multiple experience, insight and more!

BlueTimbre is a Music Company with Music Education spaces, Jam Room and Recording studio located in Whitefield, Bangalore, India. BlueTimbre provides complete end-to-end Music Education solutions for schools. The BlueTimbre team comes with decades of cumulative experience in running structured businesses, music curriculum development, music education and performance.

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