Monday, 7 January 2019

3 Ways Music can Improve your Life

What is about music that gets you through the day, relieves you of Stress and gives you an Adrenaline rush or Goosebumps? Music has the capacity to lift any mood, pull you out of boredom and recharge you for the whole day! Now, what if you are a practitioner of music. You don’t have to be professional but just good enough that sometimes you can sing or play your heart out. We have all heard about how Music, increases our intelligence by boosting brain workout, makes us more confident and improves other life skill. Here we have mentioned 3 ways in which, Music can improve your life.

1. Happiness
It is no secret that just being involved with music makes you happy. Sometimes listening to your favourite music and sometimes just playing your favourite tunes or your own stuff can really brighten your day and/or relieve stress. Although there are scientific reason on why we feel happy when we are exposed to music, but let’s try to explain that in more personal manner. Music lets you come out of your stressed day and immerses you in this world of imagination, creativity and emotions. This can help calm you down and take you to a much better state of mind. So, be involved, keep yourself happy with the music you would love to listen and enrich yourself with a positive state of mind.

2. Gives You Companionship
If you already practice music and has reached a certain level so that you can play some tunes by yourself, you must have felt how much peace and satisfaction you get, sitting with your instrument. You will feel content and start enjoying the companionship that your instrument provides you while you enhance your creativity or reminisce to the tunes of your favourite song. If singing is what you love to do, you can lift your spirits anytime by singing your heart out and feeling the emotion of the words you are singing. Music has an extraordinary capability to let you feel various emotions. So, If you want company that will never disappoint you, just learn an instrument and be involved with music.

3. Feel Fresh/Alert
Want to start your day on a high or on a positive note? Who doesn’t right? Then take your music with you, or just open your day’s account by sitting with your instrument or singing for few minutes. It will keep you sharp, as well as give your brain a proper workout which will help you be aware of your environment as your day progresses. So by the time you start your 9 to 5 work day, you are charged and fresh which will enhance and improve your daily output. You will begin to tackle a project or a challenge with a fresh mind and with a lot of efficiency. Also, it will give you sense of achievement as you start your day which is a confidence booster in feeling positive and confident about yourself.

These are just 3 of the many different ways music can improve your life. Make music a part of your every day and see the difference! Listen to music, learn an instrument, play an instrument or sing a song! It doesn't matter how, it just matters that music is a part of your life.

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