Tuesday, 31 March 2020

3 Ways to Cure Boredom through Music in Lockdown

First of all, stay safe, stay informed, get the facts from a reliable source and stay home until this dire situation in the world settles down. The whole world is in quarantine but now that we have all the time for ourselves at home, we don’t really know how to occupy ourselves. Some will go back to their hobbies as a child like reading books, painting and whatever you like to do to have fun. One such activity is practicing music.

When I say practicing, I don't mean just doing the same exercise over and over again, but to be involved with music. Listen to music, play music, practicing your instruments, watch concerts on YouTube or watch people doing covers or putting your own rendition of a song that you always thought of trying. If you are inclined towards being involved with music during these tough and trying times, here are some ways to work on yourselves so that you come out a better and more talented person on the other side of this pandemic.

Listen to a lot of music
Music helps to ease anxiety which, all of us have a lot in stock during these isolated times. Cheer yourself up. Listen to music, a lot of music and a lot of different artists - new and old and discover different styles which you never thought you needed in life. Sing along to your favourite tunes or learn the lyrics of a new song. Watch your favourite artist play in front of thousands play live on YouTube or support the local bands and brands that are trying their best to put out content just for you. But be involved, this is the most important time to support each other and don’t let the virus win by killing the only thing you love to do, whatever that may be. If you love to enjoy listening to music, you should do that more often. The best thing about listening to music is, you can do that with any other activity. You can do it while reading books, painting your illustration, working on your office chores from the comfort of your home desk, while washing your clothes or dishes. Basically, you can club music with any activity, in fact I am listening to music as I write down these few helpful tips to cheer you in your boredom.

Learn Music Online
So, you always wanted to learn music but never found time. Make use of your time now! Go online, search for online classes and start your music journey. Although YouTube has a lot of lessons and content on how to start playing your instrument, it is never structured and more importantly you don’t know if the lessons are any good or where to go from there. So, go to exclusive sites or ages which are designed specifically for music lessons. One such example is https://musicpandit.com/ who curates and designed lessons according to your needs Beginner or someone who wants continue from where they left off - in a more structured manner, this is the site you should definitely check out. They have lessons in over 5+ instruments and also have this cool feature of real time assessment and provide the necessary tips and tricks  and practice routines to get your playing up a notch in the most effective way.

Support Local Artists
Due to the lockdown practiced in so many places to curb the spread of coronavirus, some of those who have had an economic impact are the local artists whose shows and concerts may have been cancelled. Also, several local music education centres are closed too which, resulted in a lot of losses. However many of these places are now trying to bring something for you through online sites or social media pages. You can definitely explore their content and help them even a little by subscribing to their pages or following their work. If you like what you see or want to see other things, you can even send in requests.

So, in this tough period, we request you to please support the musical community by listening to their content, sharing and subscribing to their channels so that they can earn a living through those means. You can also take up music lessons online, practice and perform! Release your home videos and who knows, you could get famous too!

Finally, please stay home, stay safe and be a corona hero.

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