Monday, 29 October 2018

4 Reasons Why Performance is a Vital Part Of Music Education

When you hear ‘Music Education’ or ‘Music Classes’, we automatically think of those complicated music sheets, music theory, warm up exercises and learning to play songs. However, the best motivation you can derive is only through performing the music and techniques you learn.

Based on our experience as musicians and educators, we have listed 4 reasons why Performance is a Vital part of Music Education.

1. Builds Confidence by Tackling Stage Fright
Everyone gets jitters before a show or a performance, it is just about how you handle it. Some can break under the tension while some might thrive under pressure, but one can only feel confident about their performance when they have faced it multiple times. It’s never easy to keep your composure in front of an audience but with numerous performances under your belt, you will get more confidence that will guide you to put out the best of your talent. Learning the instrument is one thing but to handle yourself on stage comes only with experience.

2. Builds Discipline by regular Practice for Performance
It always helps a student when there is a goal for all the practice and hard-work they’ve been doing to learn their instrument. If all the practice sessions lead to nothing, they might not see the use of it, especially the young students. Once they are aware that they must showcase their skill at a performance, they will get more involved with their instrument as nobody wants to put on a bad show in front of people. It will encourage more regular practice and they will learn to execute ideas on their instrument with intent and more concentration.

3.Builds Teamwork by working with Different Band Members
Most of the performances through music schools will be group-based acts. It is very essential to understand the process of playing in a band. The group must act with compatibility, respecting each member’s part in the song to do justice to any song. In a group-based performance, every one of them plays an important part. Everyone in a band should understand their role, do their best and realize the importance of teamwork to get the best performance out of all. Such performances encourage the students to understand teamwork and trusting your band member which, effectively helps you be more informed and well-rehearsed in life.

4. Builds Flexibility by Adapting to Stage Dynamics
Performing on a stage deals with various factors. (For e.g.; A vocalist should know how to use the microphone, A guitarist should understand the volume regulation or tones required, if everyone in a band can hear each other on the stage, etc.) One can be guided through all these musicianship factors, but it is an important learning curve when you first experience it. It is completely different than someone practicing at home or in a jam-room. There are various dynamics to performing on a stage which is crucial in getting the best sound out to the audience. There is no written rule book for this, it can be only learnt by experience through performance.

More often you perform, the more confident you will be in executing your talents in front of an audience. Performances teach you the skills and give you tools to execute all your learning which is one of the most vital part in music education.

So, the next time you see someone performing on a stage, cheer and support them, now you know what is has taken for them to get up there and perform!

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