Monday, 15 October 2018

4 Reasons You Should Play the Drums

Everyone has a sense of rhythm, it is instinctive to tap and respond to a rhythm of a song. Drums is a very accessible instrument where anyone can just sit down and tap just any rhythm, on any surface, that comes to mind. It is fun, always a happy experience and the perfect workout for one’s intellectual, social and creative development.

1. Improves motor and cognitive skills:
Yes, Playing the drums can make you smarter and better coordinated. Drums is one of those instruments where all our limbs are used during the activity. Thus, it requires certain concentration towards co-ordination of those movement to create a rhythm. As the rhythms gets complicated, so does the co-ordination. All these valuable skills effectively give the left and right side of your brain a complete workout i.e. it can enhance the capacity of a human brain and enable one to perceive and tackle complicated analysis with relative ease. Also, some drum rhythms require independency in all your limbs which will help improve your cognitive skills as well as boost your brain power.

2. Reduces stress and frustration
There is no better instrument to let go of all your frustration and stress than the drums. It has an incomparable capability to boost your mood and helps you take a breather from all your scheduled hectic activities. If you’re going through the stress and pressure from school related activities or you’re stressed from hectic deadlines at work, just a couple minutes of hitting and playing the drums can give you the relaxation you really need. So, if you ever feel like bursting out of your dull routine, just find a drum and beat the heck out of it.

3. Develops Confidence
In any band, the drummer plays a vital role. The drumming forms the base and is the backbone of the whole ensemble. It carries the rhythm, in fact it carries the song, it is the beat to which the whole band plays. So, the rhythm of drums has to be played with confidence and lot of dynamics(feel). Although, confidence comes with practice and concentration, drums can really bring the best out of you as it can provide instant feedback.

4. Health and Fitness:
‘Playing a three-hour Rush show is like running a marathon’, Neil Peart, Drummer of the band Rush. Playing drums is one of the most physically demanding activity among all the other instruments as it requires a lot of energy to use all your limbs and keep up with all the movements required to play the drums. It is easily a full body workout for all your limbs. A study suggests that by “Just using hand drums and moving to the beat, people burn an average of 270.4 calories in half an hour”. So, if you are looking for fun workout for your body, playing drums is the activity for you!

One of the most common issues that’s scares people away from playing the drums is that they are too loud and noisy. However, there are numerous solutions, for instance, you can use an electronic drum kit which can be plugged to an amplifier or a monitor or even headphones and the sound can be controlled. For a regular acoustic drum kit, dampening materials like mute pads, dampening ring, etc. will reduce the noise from the kit significantly. If you have the budget, you can soundproof your room as well or if you want to make do with small budget, just put a blanket over your drum kit and start your stress-free fun experience. Inspiration can arrive at any point of the day, and if its late night, with these quick fixes, you never have to worry about playing the drums!

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